FisherGroup – The Company with a History

It all started in 1963 from the development of Remstroibyt, a repair and construction company that is currently a part of the FisherGroup. The company used to provide a wide range of services for the population. Construction and repair, sourcing and arrangement of equipment supplies for logging operations, reproducing services, procurement and transportation of finishing materials.

Experts in Real Estate

Today, FisherGroup is an experienced and versatile company, whose principal activity is sourcing and leasing of commercial property. In addition, the company rapidly grows in other areas, such as real estate development and public catering (Independent Coffee Shop and Subway fast food restaurants). The company invests in young entrepreneurs. At present, the company is an active participant in the Mnogo Lososya project.

FisherGroup is a responsible partner of blue-chip companies of the city and the region, such as SantekhUral, Magnit, etc.

Letting of Premises

FisherGroup is the owner of commercial real estate properties in various regions of the city of Chelyabinsk. The company offers its lessees an individual approach to a property selection, minimal competition and a long-term cooperation.

Company expertise:

  • management and operation of premises and buildings of various profiles
  • management of lease relations
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Public catering
Coffee Shop

The Independent Coffee Shop is a new establishment in Chelyabinsk, where a well-thought-out interior design, a high quality service, delicious dining experiences and a creative atmosphere are combined together.

The interior of the Coffee Shop is designed in a modern style with striking accessories. A great deal of attention is paid to service. Each employee here is Your Friend, who sets heart on making your rest comfortable to the fullest degree.

Furthermore, the Independent Coffee Shop is also an eatery. Delicious food may bring joy to you not only in the establishment since the Coffee Shop can also arrange for catering services. On the top of that, they serve high quality coffee here made with love.

The Independent Coffee Shop is a special place that attracts the creative part of the city. Everybody is welcome!

ul. Kommuny, 81, Chelyabinsk.

Public catering

A well-known chain of fast food restaurants that offers sandwiches, a healthier replacement to fast-food. In Chelyabinsk, FisherGroup opened its first outlet in 2008 and subsequently increased the number of restaurants. Subway can now be found in major shopping and entertainment centres in the city.

Subway is not only associated with tasty food, it is also interesting, because the chef cooks in front of the customer involving him in the process. Sandwiches or subs are always made using only fresh vegetables, high-quality meat and fish products and freshly baked bread.

Property Development

Since 2011, FisherGroup has been growing in the real estate development sector and investing in the creation of new modern residential complexes, shopping and entertainment centres and buildings.

A cluster of apartment buildings on Ovchinnikov Street in the Sovetsky district of Chelyabinsk
Apartment building on Eltonskaya Street in the Traktorozavodsky district of Chelyabinsk

In 2018, a new Investment Department emerged within the company. FisherGroup selects interesting promising projects and invests funds for their development. Aside from finances, it also helps with know-how and expert knowledge.

Should you have an interesting idea or you are looking to raise funds, please submit a request through the website.

Mnogo Lososya

Mnogo Lososya is a network of restaurant production facilities or dark kitchens that focus on the delivery and development of restaurant brands on the basis of in-house production. There are currently four major brands embraced by the kitchens: Mnogo Lososya, Ten Ideal Pizzas, Rolls No. 1 and 500 Calories .

In 2019, FisherGroup promoted the development of the project and poured cash into the scaling of the Mnogo Lososya brand. At present, the company continues to develop its network of dark kitchens and opens new venues in Moscow and various country regions.

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18 Severo-Krymskaya St., Chelyabinsk
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